Places to Dig



Things you will need:
Buckets, lots of water, gloves, pickaxe, a good shovel, chisel, hammer, pack a lunch, OFF or Repel…, sunscreen, and a truck if you got one.

Currently for year 2005, it costs 15.00 per person for up to 50 pounds each and 75 cents a pound for any that you want to keep over that. ( I really need an update on the cost…..)

We managed 128 lb. on our trip and paid the difference! It was well worth it!

Here are a few of the geodes that we unearthed from Shefflers Mine.

             Digging Geodes
  Planning to dig at
Shefflers Geode Mine? It's in Alexandria MO.

The famous rockshop in the pictures was demolished by the state of Missouri. There is now a new shop close to the old one and the mine is back in operation.

We   discovered that we live just down the street from this great rock shop, about 300 miles. The trip was well worth the 5 hour drive. We met Betty in person and talked with her about how she got started. We spent the better part of the day digging for geodes that they are famous for. We got our limit and a few pounds over! The digging was fairly easy and the rewards great!

To get there drive straight up highway 61 from our house and your there!  Three hundred miles later...

They are now on 218, near the Missouri and Iowa border!

Tim Sheffler and his rock-hounding friend checking out our finds for the day! That was  the back of our trusty Toyota!  Them was the old days… a bigger truck!

Diggin' in Utah

Gastropods in Missouri

Hunting for gastropods in Missouri…….
For now, good luck, and ask for permission…...or else.
There are nice gastropods in South East Missouri. I have some that are all milky quartz.
You need permission, the land you would hunt is all privately owned as far as I know. I have a few places I hunt, and can not take large parties to hunt there. It is restricted to permission only.
I have very few for sale, most are donated, traded ,  or given away.

Other Missouri Fossils

Bracciopods, coral and the like, including the State Fossil, Crinoids…...can be found in most of the rivers and creeks in Missouri…...the Mississippi River included… the river stage and when it gets below 9 ft, at Cape
Girardeau, it gives up lots of interesting fossils, rocks and minerals.
Always ask permission when on private
property…..Rivers that can be navigated by a flotation devise are not private property, but access may be. Check your laws first, and ask anyway, it doesn't hurt.

There are no hunting off of state highways in  Missouri.

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